Loss​-​Time (feat. possibility & Sa Mood)


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It was pretty rough when my best friend lost his Dad
never talks about it though over a decade has passed
I ask him every now and then how he felt 'cause
I'm one of the only people who remembers him but we just
talk about how he used to work at the radio
gave us free CD's when we were eight years old
maybe that's just what he needs, I don't wanna hurt him
pick on old wounds but if I was him I'm pretty certain
that I'd need a vent - especially 'cause his
Mom ain't around either now she ain't dead - but he needs a friend
good ones are like family you really love 'em
wouldn't say it to his face but he's like a little brother
when it was rough at home I'd spend my time there
his Mom once said I could always stay, that's right there's
been a pillar when I needed one
not saying that I had bad parents - it's never easy son

we loose all don't
accuse someone
just do what heals your wound

Years later noticed I was just oblivious
smoking too much weed at a young age a city kid
fleeing from reality or choosing not to see it
are the same damn thing sooner or later you need to
confront your past and what you would be feeling if
the same shit happened now - when you're older is it easier?
I think not but knowing how to deal with it
is something that you learn with time and if you're feeling this
how about you reflect on when your parents
got divorced and if it seems apparent
that you really didn't give a shit ask yourself why
especially whether you chose to close your eyes
there are lots of forms of escape - none are healthy
when I do the same I hope someone will tell me
when I'm down and under I know you'll come and help me
of course I'd do the same you just have to let me

we loose all don't
accuse someone
just do what heals your wound

If you never felt free then you probably weren't
time to soul search and free your fucking spirit
there are things in life that you gotta verbalize
keep 'em in too long and they start eating your insides
it can hurt to try but I know once you reach the core
it'll make sense no more either or
the first weeks after my first real relationship
I cried in my pillow every night remembering and
at the time I felt alone and abandoned
living on my own wasn't easy but I managed
if you've ever loved but noticed that the clock
stopped ticking a while ago and it's about to drop
a quiet kind of sadness fills the space
where there used to be passion - somehow it got misplaced
The only thing you can do is let time do its working
after a while the pain stops getting worse

we loose all don't
accuse someone
just do what heals your wound

The only thing you can do is let time do its working
after a while the pain stops getting worse
and then it gets better a bit at a time
overcome the bitterness remembering that life
is something beautiful and there's no time to waste
the bad thing's you have to learn this in the hardest of ways
you gotta go through it but I hope you can
find a space for a new person one day I know I'll do it


released September 9, 2016
Rap: possibility a.k.a. Phil Engi
Vocals: Sa Mood a.k.a. Samuel Liniger (www.samood.ch)
Keyboards: Manuel Halter (www.manuelhalter.net)
Bass, Mix: César Gonin
Drums, Composition, Mix, Video: Joel Studler (rimshot.ch)
Artwork & Videoclip: Lilian Salathé (www.liliansalathe.ch)



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REEL BEETZ Bern, Switzerland

REEL BEETZ ist ein Beat-Produzierendes Musik-Kollektiv gegründet von Joel Studler. Ob in der Studiokammer oder auf der Bühne spielt keine Rolle. Als Ergänzung kommen die Lyrics von MCs und Sängern hinzu, woraus eine explosive Kombination entsteht. REEL BEETZ scheuen sich nicht, zu experimentieren und nach vorne zu schauen in eine unbekannte, noch zu definierende Zukunft des Hip-Hop Genres. ... more

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